Glez Builders LLC
PO Box 6311 - Yuma AZ 85366 Phone: 928-329-6513

About Us

Glez BuildersGlez Builders first gained its rich customer base through sheer quality and expertise provided as a FRAMING SPECIALIST. Today, the standards have not faltered, but the expectations for ourselves and our work have continuously increased. Never taking shortcuts Glez Builders seeks to ensure that no detail is omitted and that every square inch is polished to perfection.

As a GENERAL CONTRACTOR, Glez Builders coordinates and reaches out to the best subcontractors in the industry to gather a team of specialists to work relentlessly and ensure our customer’s dream home becomes a reality.

Our highly skilled and experienced employees work tirelessly to grant you the homeowner with a beautiful well built home that provides both comfort and security for years to come.


Though we tailor each and every facet of our service to fit our customer, core principles such as placing the customer first, never taking shortcuts, and always putting in the extra effort are held to the highest degree among each member of the Glez Builder’s team.